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Erykah W. Apr 26, 2018 455 views

How can I have better professional conversations?

I'm a pretty good talker between friends and in casual settings but haven't really had a chance to flex my professional speaking skills. In terms of future internship employers and professors, what are some good, non invasive topics to carry easy conversation? #professional-development...

#public-speaking #conversion-optimization

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Erykah W. Apr 25, 2018 456 views

What college extracurriculars should I focus on?

I'm starting college in the fall and am wondering what type of extracurriculars I should do. I'm aware of the many types that my school offers but I want to know how my time would be best spent as a pre-med student. I will of course do what I find enjoyable but I also want to know of any...

#college-advice #time-management #pre-med #extracurriculars