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I would love to be a microbiologist so I can learn how to protect foods and (or at least try to) defeat viruses. Would like to be an animator making my own cartoons, web comic creator, and musician as free lance jobs.


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Noelani L. May 15, 2018 359 views

What are some "Mickey Mouse degrees colleges give out?

I've heard of "Mickey Mouse" degrees (degrees that are useless and makes you realize that you spent 4 years of your life doing nothing) and want to learn more about them. Everybody knows that women's studies is pretty useless, but are there anymore "Mickey Mouse" degrees colleges give out? I...

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Noelani L. May 11, 2018 438 views

Pros and cons of graduating early in high school

Hey y'all. I'm a junior who moved into a new school who'll have a block schedule next year (senior year). I have the opportunity to graduate early since I'm ahead compared to most of my peers. What are the pros and cons of graduating early, like mid-year? Will colleges like that or they think...

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