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Ciara G. May 16, 2018 420 views

What do I need in order to stand out?

Photography is a rising industry with many people in it. I want to make sure that I stand out far away from the crowd. This is going to be hard due to the fact that so many people are talented and wanting a photography job. How can I ensure that I will stand out and get a job in this world?...

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Ciara G. May 16, 2018 321 views

What kind of experience are photography magazines looking for?

I know what I want to do specifically but I am not sure what I will need for my future after college and beyond a degree. Are there any characteristics that business's are looking for? Do I need to have multiple connections in order to get a foot in the door? #futurejob #experience #nationalgeo...

#photojournalism #art #photography

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Ciara G. May 16, 2018 397 views

Do I need to be in a photography program during college?

I want to be a photojournalist. I'm not sure if there is a direct degree linked to the occupation, but I am currently thinking about majoring in communications with a focus on multimedia. Will that give me the tools/experience I need to pursue my dream job? #photography #college #prepfuture...

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