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I don't know what I want to be yet, but I would like it to involve creating something and expanding it into something bigger.


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Joanne L. May 19, 2018 264 views

What are the things you can do with a public health major?

Are there any jobs that you can obtain after 4 years of undergraduate of public health, or will I have to go to school for a longer time. #publichealth #collegelife #college #degree...


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Joanne L. May 18, 2018 172 views

Do you think it is worth dropping a high paying job to become a full time artist?

I know people say do what makes you happy if it's your passion, but what if I have a job that will set my whole future into place. Do I drop it and become an artist who is thriving and struggling to become a big time​ artist? #artist...


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Joanne L. May 18, 2018 231 views

What is the hardest part about starting up a business dealing with the arts?

Where do you begin and what are the first steps? How do you deal with the financial aspects of the business, do you do it yourself or do you hire someone? How much time do you usually spend on your medium and how much of that time is used to publicize your work? How do you publicize/ get your...

#artist #work