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Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Working in wildlife conservation and research, I want to promote/stabilize endangered and threatened populations.


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Two years ago, after working retail for over twelve years with two years as a Department Manager, an excitement for school awoke within me. Determined to excel at school, I signed up for one biology class. When I wasn’t working full-time, I studied, read, and worked on self-care to prevent burnout. Using a time-blocked planner, I taught myself time management. While school had been a struggle in the past, reminding myself of my strong work ethic and attention to detail helped me utilize these strengths to now excel in school. Retail also helped me realized the type of learner I am, and I adjusted my study habits to include visuals and hands-on techniques. Going back to school has encouraged me to follow my passions, push myself further, and support/encourage others to make positive changes in their life.