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Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Jan 13 134 views

What steps should I take as a high school Junior if plan on doing Family Medicine?

Also, how should I choose my major in college? Does it matter that I attend an Ivy league or prestigious university for undergrad? Do I need to like and/or be good at high school science to be good or enjoy Family Medicine as a career?

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima Dec 26, 2022 217 views

Questions regarding a career in finance/accounting and resume

What are some skills students looking to pursue investment banking should practice and learn? What are some skills/topics students pursuing finance and accounting should learn about? Are there resources or books or anything else where I can learn concepts in finance and accounting and even...

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Dec 09, 2022 134 views

Where are some good places (US and international) to go to university for psychology?

Junior currently

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Nov 28, 2022 113 views

How much pressure should I put on choosing what I want to study at University? I am currently very drawn toward Psychology and English and I don't know which to focus more on.

I am a junior in high school.
I would prefer not to go into education.
I don't know whether to focus on English or Psychology and I'm worried that if I choose to focus on the wrong one, it will all go downhill.

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Nov 22, 2022 147 views

As someone interested in psychology, and possibly going into a career as a therapist or counselor, is it challenging to take on so many other people's issues? Does that affect the non-working part of your life mentally or emotionally?

Currently a junior in high school
Very interested in studying psychology at University

Mehnaz’s Avatar
Mehnaz Nov 22, 2022 211 views

Explain why you should receive a scholarship and how you will benefit from receiving a scholarship. What is your level of financial need?

why should i be a better fit

Korie’s Avatar
Korie Nov 14, 2022 185 views

Where do I go to find the kind of jobs I would like?

I am in the CYSC program and I would like to have more information on where I should look when I am applying for new jobs. What search engines do you use?

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09, 2022 179 views

What type of work environment?

What type of work environment do you have to deal with?

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09, 2022 148 views

What is the salary?

What is the average salary in this career?

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09, 2022 131 views

How do you start off the day in this career ?

When you start your career how does the day typically start?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Sep 09, 2022 392 views

How do you deal with problems in your day to day as a security officer? What steps did you to take afterwards?

I am currently in the process of studying to be a security guard and I want to know what will I have to do when a problem occur and how to resolve them, along with what steps do I have to take afterwards.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Sep 09, 2022 468 views

What do you enjoy most about being in the profession of security or military?

What part of the process of being in Security or the Military do you enjoy most? And how well does it reflect into your normal day to day life and what skills can you pick up from it that you don't already have?

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09, 2022 268 views

Like most/least about this career?

What do you like most/least about this career

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Sep 09, 2022 387 views

What type of desk job can I find? And what is the entry into getting that job?

What type of security job or military job allows you to work a desk job or be inside of an office? And what is the entry point of education I need to enter into that field of work?

Destinee’s Avatar
Destinee Sep 01, 2022 400 views

Trying to change careers

I have a degree in Neuroscience and a job history in the medical field (mostly administrative). I am really trying to shift gears into data analytics, but even entry-level positions require some experience. I have taken courses to build technical skills however most employers don't understand...

markell’s Avatar
markell Aug 26, 2022 225 views

how much a baker make a year

baker work salary

markell’s Avatar
markell Aug 26, 2022 77 views

private chef

how much a private chef makes a year

markell’s Avatar
markell Aug 26, 2022 114 views

how much a food worker pay

how much a food truck worker earn a year

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 24, 2022 389 views

What are some passion project ideas that a student interested in the health field can do?

I'm passionate about arts and health. I've already done a passion project for art, which was curating and sponsoring a teen-art gallery to support a non-profit. Not only that, but I've done some volunteering at hospitals and Red Cross, which has been great so far. What are some ideas for a...

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01, 2022 373 views

Is it advisable to take dual enrollment while I enter the senior year of high school?

My school doesn't offer many AP classes, and I'm trying to challenge myself academically. Is it advisable for me to take community college classes during my senior year, and how will it affect my college applications?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01, 2022 162 views

Does certification improve my chances of getting into my top school?

I have 10 non-credit certifications from accredited universities like Stanford University, Harvard and USC universities, but I'm quite confused if they're really significant on college applications.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 28, 2022 363 views

What paths can a high school student take if they want to pursue a career in the medical field?

Most of my extra-curricular activities are geared towards advocacy, public health, arts and medicine. What are some tips that you can give me as I aspire to be a pediatrician?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 28, 2022 361 views

How worthy is it to take a BS/MD program if you want to be a doctor?

As a pre-health student in high school, I've always wondered if the BS/MD program is worthy because I'm worried about costs and not being able to graduate with my friends. What's your advice on that?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27, 2022 666 views

How do you limit procrastination?

I think this has been an issue tons of people have because procrastination makes us lose some big opportunities. What are some tips that could help out with procrastination and increase my motivation to work?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27, 2022 238 views

What elements makes a great pitch?

How do get people to buy my story? I've been developing an idea to expand my business. But since I'm a beginner, I fairly know about pitches and would want more advice on how to develop a strong pitch.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 495 views

Does your workplace value your mental health?

It might be a silly question but I'm genuinely curious about people's prospect. This is all because you're replaceable once you're 6 ft under so why not take care of your mental health?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 276 views

What are some tips to prepare for college applications?

I'm a rising senior and a first generation student. The whole college application feels new to me and it looks like it's a lot. What are some tips that you have?

Mei Lin’s Avatar
Mei Lin Jul 14, 2022 240 views

What is the best way to network in consulting?

Is it best to set up a zoom or meet for coffee? Do most consultants respond to cold emails or should I try to connect with them on LinkedIn?

Francesca’s Avatar
Francesca Jun 14, 2022 475 views

What are the steps to becoming a midwife?

Are there any tips and or tricks when in the process to becoming a midwife that anybody would give to somebody looking at advancing in this career.

Francesca’s Avatar
Francesca Jun 14, 2022 255 views

What is the atmosphere working being a midwife?

I just want to know if the environment that midwives go through and experience everyday if it will best fit the pace of my work style and if my occupational traits will really align with this specific career within the health care field.

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