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Alberto Feb 27, 2015 1463 views

What are the steps to follow to become a neurologist (college, medical school, residency, etc.)?

I want to be a neurologist or a pathologist, both of which require time and I want to know what are the steps to become one and possibly what majors will better help me fulfill my requirements to get into medical school. #college #medicine #pre-med #medical-school

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Alberto Feb 27, 2015 1131 views

What are the essential differences between neurology and the other fields of medicine?

The fields I am most interested in are forensic pathology, and neurology but I am still undecided on which one to pursue the most, so I want to know what makes neurology distinct from the other fields and if it's worth it? #medicine #neurology #pathology

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Alberto Feb 27, 2015 1153 views

In what ways can I begin to prepare to join a pre-med program in college?

I'm an 11th grader who wants to know different programs or classes I should be taking to be better prepared for the process of eventually going to med-school? #college #pre-med #neuroscience