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Olathe, Kansas
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I would like a career in graphic design. I am getting ready to apply to college and would like to present my graphic design work in the best light.

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Rebecca Sep 25, 2018 738 views

Besides advertising companies, what are some different companies that hire graphic designers?


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Rebecca Sep 25, 2018 566 views

What is the best way to find an internship in Graphic Design?


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Rebecca Aug 31, 2018 1070 views

Which is better for Graphic Design majors - Bachelors in Fine Arts vs Bachelors in Arts degree

I am looking at a variety of colleges with graphic design programs. Some offer Bachelors in Fine Arts while others offer Bachelors in Arts. Does the degree type make a difference in getting a job when I graduate?


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Rebecca Aug 31, 2018 798 views

Which medium would be best for a graphic design portfolio?

I am not sure whether to print/mount my graphic design projects or provide a electronic version of my portfolio.