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Jose P. Apr 26, 2019 90 views

Do I need to go to college to become some sort of teacher?

I would prefer to influence early so maybe answer this question in terms of elementary school teacher. #education...


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Aleksandra B. May 04, 2019 125 views

What are STEM-related activities I can do outside of college classes that help me become a successful medical school applicant?

I will be attending Northeastern University next year, and I would particularly love to get advice or suggestions for opportunities that are located in the Boston area. I plan to co-op during my undergrad, but are there other important things I can accomplish as a premed student? #stem...

#healthcare #premed #science #medicine #physician #boston #college #doctor #women-in-stem #northeastern

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Rosheana W. May 31, 2019 59 views