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Mcdhellyne Jan 17, 2018 831 views

If your indecisive on what you want to be when your an adult how is the best way for you to really know?

As I was going throught my hign school years more ideas on how I wanted to help the environment and us as humans kept coming to my mind. However, as time went by I found myself lock down with two many options and not being able which to choose. Yes, many people haved told me to worry about this...

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Kauan Jul 19, 2019 541 views

What I need to do to become a chiroprcator

I want to become o chiropractor but i don’t know the needs like years of school grades and exc. #college #nursing #medicine #doctor

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Laura Jul 22, 2019 531 views

What is the most important thing you like about your career?

#career #career