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Juliet Jaye LoPresti

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Hammonton, New Jersey
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Olga’s Avatar
Olga Dec 13, 2019 561 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare for Medical Assistant to enter this field?

I'm a student. I'm looking for the information to inform my career choice. #healthcare

zaira’s Avatar
zaira Sep 05, 2019 380 views

Do you like being in contact with sharp needles and other sharp objects in the unit?

I am going to be taking Medical Assistant and Office administration and i am just curious of the amount of sharp objects that you be dealing with on other people when they go into the hospital . I am also very interested on extending my timing by taking more classes and advanced training to be...

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Oct 16, 2019 532 views

What do yall recommand I take to perpare for both CMA and a lawyer

I am in Job Corps and I and planning on going into CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but plan on going to law school to be a lawyer #law-school #nursing #lawyer