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Posted on Oct 20, 2015

I would like to be a macro social worker or a teacher who helps autistic children.

Context: I would get as much education possible about these jobs before I go to collage. My mom is a social worker, I would go to her work.Also my very close friend is a teacher who helps autistic children, I go to her classroom as much as I can to get enough information.I would take collage and high school classes that provide the information I might possibly need for my future job.Education is freedom.
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Annalee C. Feb 17, 2016 4565 views

When becoming a social worker whats the major impact on society?

Im doing a project over careers, and im doing some research. none of the websites I have used haven't given me the correct information needed. Asking professionals is probably the best. #jobs #social-work #work #social...


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Annalee C. Oct 23, 2015 701 views

what collage classes should I take to get collage credits for a social worker

i would like to get collage credits for my job as a social worker. #social-work #social-worker...