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Giorgos Aug 22, 2020 604 views

Which degree is better?

Hello, I live in the EU and want to know what is the difference between a standard 5-year european (greek) university degree and a BSc Hons (Bachelor of Science Honours) of an UK university of 1-2 years duration? Which is more powerful and more wanted? Thank you very much! #university #eu...

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Giorgos Mar 02, 2020 494 views

Is university degree really necessary?

Hello, I've been wondering since I started university if it's vital for our life in the future or not. For example for me neither I finish or not I'm still getting a job because I have experience as car mechanic. I remember before starting 3 workshops wanted me to join their company (not...

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Giorgos Feb 23, 2020 497 views


Hello. I need your advice. I'm 21 years old, since a kid I loved cars a lot and I still do as well. I finished car technician technical high school with very good grade as well and I have 2 years of experience. I am currently studying now in a university about aircraft engineering (4 years) and...