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Jackie Davis, AIA, NCARB

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Chicago, Illinois
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Jaime’s Avatar
Jaime Oct 30, 2019 350 views

Is drawing necessary for Architecture?

I want to start preparing for my career, is drawing necessary for architecture. If so, how would it be? I want to be prepared and get a head start by learning the basics of drawing now. #architect #architecture

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Apr 28, 2020 436 views

How many years of college does an architect require?

I’m 14 years old, live in Massachusetts, I like to experiment with things and build, I like graphic design and art, I play 3 sports, my father is a contractor/ carpenter, and I like a little challenge. #architecture

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jun 13, 2020 348 views

Does anyone specialize in building homes for special needs/ disabilities?

I want to specialize in the accessible side of housing. Making structures up to code for people who need ramps, elevators, railings, etc. I am wondering if there is someone out there who does this kind of work. How early did you tell people you wanted to specialize in architecture and how did...

Keira’s Avatar
Keira Jan 18, 2018 4004 views

What qualifications it takes to become an architect?

To influence my decision into going in a career in architecture by providing me more knowledge of what an architect do. Thanks for reading my question.
#architecture #architecture-and-planning #information-architecture #interior-architecture #server-architecture #architect