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Sous Chef
Hospitality / Food Service
Aurora, Colorado
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Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 24, 2020 314 views

What effects had COVID-19 had on chefs?

I am a sophomore I'm high school that is looking into becoming a chef and with what is going on in the world right now I would want some insight on what effects it would have on me if I do decide to choose this career pathway. #chef #cooking #culinary #culinary-arts

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Feb 07, 2020 650 views

Where is the best place to make money as a Sou Chef?

#culinary #cooking #culinary-arts #chef

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa Oct 28, 2019 1179 views

How long do u have to be in school to be a chef

#culinary-arts #chef #cooking #culinary

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 23, 2020 296 views

What is required to be come a chef?

I am a sophomore in high school that is looking into possible future careers that fit me. Cooking food has always been an option so I now need to look more into it and get some personal feedback from some chefs. #chef #cooking #culinary-arts