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Amaravathi, AP

Within 40 mile radius
PRASAD’s Avatar
PRASAD Oct 25, 2021 527 views

I completed my class XII and graduation long back, not secured required % of marks. Can I take admission in Foundation course?

I am a Bank employee a #career and want to do CA. #banking #india #finance

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Apr 28, 2021 608 views

What course do i take to be a animator

Hi, I Samuel and i live in India I'm beginning 11th grade here its separate from high school. 11th and 12th is called intermediate i want to be a animator and have been working on it i know i can learn a lot but i don't know what course i should take in inter #classes #animation #art...

maaz’s Avatar
maaz Feb 27, 2019 373 views

career advice after completing B.Tech in 2015

i have completed B.Tech in 2015 and i have a year experience in a startup company.please help me what to do after.should i plan for MS/MBA? or continue to work in a startup company which i feel like my career will not be that good

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