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Coupeville, Washington

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Jennica’s Avatar
Jennica Oct 29, 2015 938 views

What can I do to practice being a pastor?

I would love to one day become a pastor, but if I started practicing now, of course i'd get better. What can I do to start by practicing, what tips should I use? #pastor

Jennica’s Avatar
Jennica Oct 29, 2015 988 views

What is good thing to practice before becoming a counselor?

I am thinking about becoming a counselor one day. As I am too young now, how can I practice and perfect learning the job. What are good tips that I can learn so that one day I can be very good. #counselor

Jaymi’s Avatar
Jaymi Oct 20, 2015 877 views

riding instructor

is a riding instructor good job? #equine #horse

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Jaymi Oct 20, 2015 1575 views

horse trainer

how much money do horse trainers make?
#equine #trainer #horse

Jaymi’s Avatar
Jaymi Oct 20, 2015 896 views

riding instructor

how much money do riding instrutors make? #equine #riding

Jaymi’s Avatar
Jaymi Oct 20, 2015 1254 views

equine job

what equine related jobs are there

Jennica’s Avatar
Jennica Oct 15, 2015 1751 views

How do counselors use technology?

If I become a counselor, how does technology relate to that? I need to know as many ways as possible. Please help, thanks! :)

Jennica’s Avatar
Jennica Oct 15, 2015 2256 views

How do pastors use technology to write sermons and preach?

I have an IT assignment I am working on. I picked a dream job, (pastor) and now must find out how technology relates to that. And, to be honest, I don't think that they need technology. They do to find verses faster and to make a website to help people find the location of the church and...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jun 30, 2015 969 views

Clear steps in becoming a Trauma Nurse? what if my community college doesn't offer BSN? After I graduate with my BSN then what?

Interested in becoming a Trauma nurse, but fuzzy on how to get there! And what I need to take in college to get my BSN, and what after college? #nurse

Annie’s Avatar
Annie Oct 02, 2014 1713 views

What steps would be recommended for someone who is trying to open their own business?

would like to run my own business one day. #entrepreneurship

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