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How can I tell which medical field is the best for me?

Updated Canton, Michigan

I can't wait to start my career in medicine, but there are so many options of what to go into, and I'm currently debating between a few different fields. How do I know which field is the best for me? I was thinking about dermatology, gynecology, radiology, and pediatrician.

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Misty’s Answer

Updated Huntsville, Alabama

Hanan this is a great question.

The first thing I would suggest, is to decide what age group you want to work with. Do you like working with kids or do you like working with adults or the elderly. Next, is there a certain body part that interests you more like teeth or bones or skin or brain. These could help you decide what type of medicine you want to practice like do you want to be a bone specialist or foot specialist or brain specialist. This could help you decide where in the medical field you are going to want to go into.

Hope this helps and good luck