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What is the best college for a student who wishes to be an aerospace engineer?

Updated San Francisco, California

I'm an 11th grader who is interested to become an aerospace engineer one day. I was told Stanford is a good choice but i would like to have more choices. #college #engineer #university #aerospace-engineering

3 answers

Tina’s Answer

Updated New York, New York


Being you are in san Francisco, there are also several schools on the west coast that are nationally ranked for their aeronautical engineering progreams among them Standford, University of Washington and University of California. A couple Big Ten schools in the MW, namely Purdue and Michigan also are highly ranked. Here's a link to the top schools in that field. The field has several specialities and might be helfpul to reach out to those you are interested in and see the course studies they offer.


Natasha’s Answer

Updated Sunnyvale, California

Hi Jasmine,

I went to Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo and we have an absolutely amazing engineering department- aerospace included! It was a wonderful place to go to school, with the 4 surrounding beaches, quaint town, plenty of ways to get involved on campus and supportive student body.

Ranked 7 http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/engineering-no-doctorate https://engineering.calpoly.edu/features/cal-poly-ranked-best-in-the-west-by-us-news-for-21st-consecutive-year/

Hope this helps!

Tanya’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Jasmine, when you talk about engineering, your usual suspects are going to be the Tech schools such as MIT, CIT, and Georgia Tech. Please check out these links: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/engineering-doctorate-aerospace-aeronautical-astronautical and http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/engineering-doctorate.