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Scholarships or educational grants?

My guardian's income is less than $10,000 and I know that in order to go to any 4 year college I will need a lot of money somehow. I can't soley rely on my part-time job, financial aid, or merit based scholarships alone. So is it better to invest my time into educational grants or award based/essay scholarships? I know it would be good to invest time into both, but is one more profficent in recieving more money and recieving it faster?

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2 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Big grants are great but VERY competitive. Look at gaining many smaller scholarships, there are literally thousands of opportunities. Start applying early and don't give up. You can google "scholarships" "school grants" "scholarships for_________" any combination related and apply for everything. The key is not to apply half-heartedly, really put the effort in and give every application your best effort.

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Tracy’s Answer

Absolutely look at the grants first but both are key if you are putting yourself through school. There are typically student aid jobs as well. Get to know the financial aid adviser at the school you are looking at and tap into their wealth of knowledge and resources.