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Why are PsyD programs so under-funded?

I'm upset that even as a doctorate student I won't be funded #college #higher-education #doctorate-degree #finance

Since PsyD's are considered professional programs, they generally do not included the requirements of doing a teaching or research assistantship that often is the reason PhD's are funded. The APA shows that any department funding for PSyD is rare: This may also stem from PsyD's being more common at small universities without major endowments or other financial resources to support funding doctoral students. Jaron Hightower-Mills

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hello, this is a really good question. The PsyD degree is considered a professional degree like an MBA, law degree or an MD, and not a graduate degree like a PhD. PhD students and their professors get grants to do research and a lot of the PhD students work as teaching assistants throughout their education. Please see a discussion of PhD vs PsyD here:

Please see some discussions by other potential graduate students as well:

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Kortnee’s Answer

Hello, Larissa!

I think that's awesome you will earn a PsyD.

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