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I plan on majoring in structural engineering and I want to get a minor as well. Would it be more effective to get a math minor or a business minor for a better chance at a good job?

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I love math and I am really good at it, but if I go into more corporate businesses, will I need the business minor instead? #civil-engineering #engineer #engineering #math

4 answers

Douglas’s Answer

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Hi Jailee,

Since your question is focused on getting your first, out of college, job as a structural engineer, I would suggest that you focus on being a very knowledgeable structural engineer. In my experience, companies that hire new engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.) want to hire new engineers that can go to work for them and become productive in the shortest time possible. After you are in the field for awhile, working as a structural engineer and you decide you want to get into the business end, you can get an MBA (that the company might even pay for) or you may decide that you want to get an advanced degree in engineering or who know what. I think that for an engineering student, get the very best grades you can and focus on your major, taking elective courses related to civil engineering. Given the safety aspects of structural engineering, it is hard for me to imagine that a structural engineering company would look for a new hire (that is also a new college graduate), inexperienced in structural engineering but has a minor in business. What does a minor in business due to enhance your engineering expertise during those first few years on the job? You having a minor in an unrelated subject, may cause the company to ask how committed you are to structural engineering.

Hope this helps,


Lillian’s Answer


If you don't have to take a minor, I would avoid the minor all together. Focus on your engineering classes, get a high GPA, and use that extra time to look for internships, join student organizations, and get involved on campus. That experience will be much more useful and valuable to both you and the employer than any minor.

If you HAVE to take a minor, then I would suggest business over math. Math is redundant to your engineering degree and the business minor will give you different skills that could help you if you wanted to move into engineering consulting or management.

Jennifer’s Answer

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Hi Jailee,

I think the answer depends on what type of job you are looking for. If you want to go into a more corporate job, I would suggest minoring in some type of business. Corporate positions often require you to interact with people from all kinds of backgrounds, so being able to understand how the business runs and operates will allow you stand out over other candidates. <span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83); background-color: transparent;">You could pursue a business minor that is heavy in math such as Accounting or Finance that would help you accomplish this and play to your strengths. </span>If you plan on working a job that is strictly a structural engineering position then having a minor in that field will allow you to standout over other candidates in the field. In my opinion, either option is a good one, there are really no wrong choices.

Patricia’s Answer


It is always good to know different types of a business, especially when you are majoring in a specific program like math or science. I would recommend that you go with a minor in business. If you gain an understanding from a business prospective, it can help an employer see you as a diversified employee. You may stand out from the crowd of competing applicants.