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What would the ideal professor-student relationship look like for recommendation letter status for graduate school?

Asked Clifton, Texas

What is the ideal dynamic between student and professor to ensure a positive recommendation letter in the future? Aside from visiting during office hours, what should I, as an incoming college freshman, do to build that relationship? #professional #professor #student #college-student #rec-letter #law #law-school #graduate-school #prelaw

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Ashley’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Hi Carson! First of all, I know you asked for things outside of office hours, but those can be extremely vital for getting to know a professor. Not only can it provide a space for you to show you are a dedicated student, but the professor can get to know your personality. Second, it is important that you make a decently high grade in the class. The strongest assets that a professor can speak to are your intelligence and work ethic. In addition, you can do a lot to show the professor that you are good at working with others and being a team player by volunteering to answer questions or working well in any groups. I hope that helped you out!

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

  • Go by office hours