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What is a good way to balance graduate studies and work

After obtaining my Bachelors degree in music education I plan on moving on shortly after to pursue my Masters and eventually my Doctorates in music education. In order to qualify for the Doctoral program you must have three years of teaching experience. How should I balance my studies and teaching. #music #balancec #graduate-school #grad-school #education #teaching #music-education

Hi James! I think this might help answer your question: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/84012/whats-a-good-way-to-balance-your-life Abby Lupi

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2 answers

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Sylvia’s Answer

I guess you can handle it well. Well goes the saying,Time is very important for every one ,we know that is time is easy to find.My colleagues on the one side they need to work ,on the other hand they also try to keep learning.the good way to balance the work and graduate studies are what way do you think you would make you more comfortable to do these.because it is hard to insist if the sate life is not comfortable.

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Jonathan’s Answer

I have not personally pursued a higher level degree in music, but I have had friends (including my chorus teacher in high school) who found Master's programs that were designed for people actively working at the same time.

I would also say just because they desire you to have three years working experience, that doesn't mean it is a complete deal breaker to get in. Don't let that prevent you from trying to make it work.