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Is it worth the time and money to become a Medical Doctor?

Asked Humble, Texas

I was very set on going to medical school and becoming a doctor this time last year; however, the doctors I have asked have said that they would pursue Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant instead if they were to choose their career over again. What do y'all think? Thanks! #doctor #nurse #medical-school #pre-med #doctorate-degree #physician-assistant #nurse-practitioner

1 answer

Ann’s Answer


Hi Isabel,

That's a really tough question that really only you can answer. Med school is very expensive and rigorous, but if you want it bad enough it would be worth it. My recommendation would be to do research on each career to see what will fit you best. Check out the website onetonline.org, because it will give you salary insights, future projections for demand for that position, as well as, information on the skills and knowledge a career entails.

The one recommendation I can give you is that if you are looking to study premed, I suggest majoring in chemistry as opposed to biology. If for some reason you decide to not pursue the medical field after your undergraduate, there are far more job opportunities in chemistry than there are in biology. Good luck!