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Is mechanical engineering a good major?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Are there many job opportunities in mechanical engineering?
Is there a lot of room for growth in the field of mechanical engineering?
If you majored in mechanical engineering, are you happy with your choice of major?

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3 answers

Gerardo’s Answer


It is an excellent major to graduate in. Your doors of opportunity become widened and you may land a career anywhere in the engineering industry. You have the capabilities to understand the mechanics behind any type of product, device, or function. You will learn how physics is applied in real life and how your calculations will be considered in making ultimate decisions. You may very well get to use your degree outside the world of engineering and still apply it in teaching. You can teach any relevant field in Mathematics or Science. I know a friend that is a mechanical engineer and is working for a railroad company and another that is a mathematics instructor.

Michael’s Answer

Updated Grand Prairie, Texas

Yes, mechanical engineering would be a wonderful major.  There are future opportunities with  companies here in the USA and around the world (especially in developing countries).  Most every state has a University which specializes in Mechanical Engineering and many Universities offer the opportunity (in cooperation with engineering companies)for work-study programs awhile you are in school.

Kofoworola Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Lagos, Nigeria

Mechanical Engineering is the most versatile form of engineering. You could work in any other engineering industry (civil, aeronautics, even bio-medical etc).

Also non-engineering industries are in need of mechanical engineers to management their equipments or something similar.

There is always room for growth and you can do a specialization in any aspect of and focus just on that.