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What is it like being a CEO?

Hi. I want to know how is it like working for a business person like sitting in the office filing paper and all. I know it takes a hard worker to do everything in one day, But what is the quality of work you do and if so how much will you get paid? #business #ceo

I'm not understanding your question. Are you asking what it is like to work as a CEO or are you asking what it is like to work as a business person for a CEO? The CEO is the Chief Executive Officer, who is the most senior executive at a large business and runs the entire business. Gary Toscano

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Evangeline’s Answer


I am not a CEO but I work for a major global company and had seen our CEO in action. There is a lot of pressure and decision making involve in being a CEO. You will report and answer to the Board of shareholders. These are people who has major investment and ownership of the company. You need to be analytical because there'll be Financial statements that you need to review and present to the board quarterly and annually. You are responsible in the solvency of the company, setting up goals, vision and direction and appointing other executives to help you run the company. You will be write many, many memos; hold meetings and give out speeches to large crowd of people.

And yes, there are perks! You get to travel but it is mostly for work. You'll get paid 6 figures or more and you are given shares to the company. You'll also get a Top hat plan towards your retirement.

I hope that helps!