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Ivy Rose Apr 24, 2021 613 views

I wanted to have an online and homebased work right now, do you have sugestions?

#work #job-search #career #futureeducator
Skilled and responsible

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Hanah Marie Apr 23, 2021 432 views

Does a 15 years old student could find a job?

Haha #student

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Alexandra Apr 19, 2021 385 views

Can you give me job? I am at my first year taking BS Computer Engineering. Please help, I need money for online class,

#money #money #money #money

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Junxi Apr 16, 2021 515 views

Does Community service help with college?

#help #college

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Louisa Apr 21, 2021 558 views

What do you want to be when you're older?

I am very organised and love numbers. I have a passion for #economics and #maths. I hope to study it in #college. I am open to listening to everyone's ideas coz I believe in #teamwork.

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TashinaCodman1 Sep 24, 2012 1721 views

What is it like being a CEO?

Hi. I want to know how is it like working for a business person like sitting in the office filing paper and all. I know it takes a hard worker to do everything in one day, But what is the quality of work you do and if so how much will you get paid? #business #ceo

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christopher Apr 26, 2019 675 views

What is life?

What is life? #life

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vaishnavi Apr 21, 2021 685 views

which degree do you need to become a police officer


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Alan Mar 12, 2021 389 views

is it difficult to become a mathematician?

Im kind of good at math. # #math

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Mia Apr 12, 2021 646 views

What are some extracurricular activities I can do if I want to be a doctor and I live in the Philippines?

I'm a high school student. I want to be a doctor and I want extracurricular activities related to that. Currently, my extracurricular activities are all related to writing. I want to change that. Where I live, there aren't many opportunities. I'm open to volunteering online, joining research...