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Should I take a full ride at Creighton or attend UPenn with no financial aid

Asked Fort Collins, Colorado

I want to go into either business or law #business #law

3 answers

Krisztina’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

I took a full ride at a private Jesuit college versus a one year scholarship at an equally well ranked state school thinking that the full ride was a sure thing. I did not qualify for the full ride scholarship after the first year due to grades. I didn’t think that could happen to me because I had always been an excellent student. Then I had to pay 2 years of private tuition by taking out loans, which I am still paying off 15 years later. If I had chosen the state school, the in-state tuition would be half of what I’ve had to pay. It’s hard to know what is the right choice. I encourage you to explore all of the “what iffs” in making your decision and to minimize your debt as much as possible. Don’t just assume everything will go well, also consider what will happen if things don’t go well, and make a well-informed decision.

Jeanette’s Answer

Take the ride. I went to law school many years ago and was fortunate enough to have a father who paid for my education for me. I went to a in-state public law school nd lived at home for two of the three years. My father told me that he did not want me to come out of school saddled with debt. He gave me a lot of wonderful advice and this advice was among the best he ever gave me. You do not need to start out your young adult life with debt. If it takes you a while to find the job of your dreams you will panic about being able to pay your student loan. Even worse, you may feel compelled to take a job you are not that interested in just to get the income to pay your debt. Getting out of school debt free will allow you more freedom to hold out for the job you truly want.

Roger’s Answer

Updated Walnut Creek, California
Go to Creighton. And, Omaha is pretty cool town.