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Krisztina Comeau

Legal Counsel, Cross Lab Group, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
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Austin, Texas
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Dillon’s Avatar
Dillon Aug 08, 2018 659 views

What is the best major to pursue if you want to go to law school?

#law-school #major

Cole’s Avatar
Cole Aug 22, 2018 731 views

Should I take a full ride at Creighton or attend UPenn with no financial aid

I want to go into either business or law #business #law

Sonnet’s Avatar
Sonnet Aug 24, 2018 715 views

What types of classes should I be taking to prepare for law school?

#law-school #law #government

Sheila’s Avatar
Sheila Aug 27, 2018 521 views

Regardless of major or job occupation, in general what college course do you think gave you the most that you were able to take away from the class and apply afterwards?

What course gave you the most helpful or useful information that applies to the real world?