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Galicia’s Avatar
Galicia Oct 17, 2018 786 views

What's the best thing about attending Boston University?

I'm thinking of going to Boston University in the future to study Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, but i'm still having doubts about my choice . What other Colleges or Universities are good for studying Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice that really focus on Law Enforcement and Criminal...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Mar 18, 2018 606 views

If I decide to go into an eminent domain law practice, which states would have the most need for that kind of lawyer?

This may affect the location of where I decide to go to college. #eminentdomain #law

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Aug 15, 2018 1030 views

What type of internships should a pre-law student do?

#students #pre-law #undergraduate #law school

Kacie’s Avatar
Kacie Aug 30, 2018 562 views

What should I do if I know what major I want to pursue, but not what profession?

I'm a high school senior #scholarships

Eimee’s Avatar
Eimee Sep 28, 2018 733 views

I am planning on getting a Bachelors in Fashion Design, but was wondering if I could get apportunities at other various jobs with that?

For example if I were to have my bachelors in fashion would that only entitled me to jobs at farshion/garment making or could I have more options/choices on what I would like to based my work and skills at? #fashion #fashion-design #career

Twain’s Avatar
Twain Sep 28, 2018 588 views

Will employeers consider a second year college student for a intership?

I am just curious if an employer will consider a second year college student in Aerospace Logistics for an internship? #Aerospace #Aviation

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Aug 30, 2018 1666 views

How much time and effort does it take to become a lawyer?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a degree in the law field, as a lawyer. However, I know there isn’t lots of things I must do to achieve this goal. What types of programs and classes should I take to become a lawyer. #lawyer #law #lawyers #attorney #law-school

Sonnet’s Avatar
Sonnet Aug 24, 2018 614 views

What types of classes should I be taking to prepare for law school?

#law-school #law #government

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Sep 05, 2018 530 views

What are some of the psychological strains of being a lawyer?

I'm sure that there are some because they come with pretty much any job you choose. However, I am interested in becoming a lawyer and would like to know how it would affect me psychologically.
#law #lawyer

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Sep 04, 2018 604 views

What is the law program like at the University of Chicago?

I think I might want to go to the University of Chicago, but I don't know how good their program is for law.
#lawyer #college #law-school #law

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 27, 2018 755 views

How long will I be paying off my college debt if I go for an undergrad and law school?

#law #law-school #law-school

Selene’s Avatar
Selene Aug 19, 2018 525 views

What should I be doing now if I wanna be a lawyer ?

I’m 13 years old & im a 9th grader. In the future I want to become a lawyer, but I don’t know what I should be doing now that will help me in the future. #lawyer #law

Cole’s Avatar
Cole Aug 22, 2018 518 views

Should I take a full ride at Creighton or attend UPenn with no financial aid

I want to go into either business or law #business #law

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Aug 18, 2018 684 views

What should I focus on when studying for the BAR exam?

I want to start preparing for the BAR exam...but I don't know where to start! #law #criminal #lawyer #criminallawyer

MaryJane’s Avatar
MaryJane Mar 13, 2018 1404 views

what is the suggested education for special victims detective?

Education recommended like major.
Specific requirements needed to be a detective aside from education.
#detective #law-enforcement #special-victims #law #majors #college-majors