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What are the challenges on being a veterinarian?

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Hello Nayeli: When my daughter was considering becoming a veterinarian in middle and high school, some of the challenges she thought about were: #1 - having to euthanasia a beloved pet. Now that may not be the hardest part for most Veterinarians but, it was "her" hardest challenge she considered. She often talked about when the times comes she may or not be able to perform the procedure.

When she was in college she volunteered at a local animal rescue shelter near the campus. She would text me the cutest dogs for adoption. Now that she's graduated from college she adopted a shelter dog who we love dearly.

I researched your question and hope you find the info useful on some challenges:


*Animal Abuse

*Inability to Treat

Our furry friends need you. :)

Source: https://www.petsbest.com/blog/hardest-part-of-being-a-vet/

Good Luck to You!

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