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What types of Detectives are there?

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David’s Answer

Ignacio, there are several different types. There are some like me, that are paranormal, but not many in this world. Working with police officers as a teenager, helped me develop this ability. Narcotics, where you would go deep undercover. Robbery, missing persons, internal affairs, and vice. These are just a few. One of the greatest qualities of a detective, is empathy. You will do a lot of interrogating and interviewing, so to be able to relate and calm people, is important. I work with homicide and missing persons the most. None of them, seem to not like their job.

James’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas


There are many types, just as there are many types of crimes, CAPERS (Crimes Against Persons), Crimes Against Children,  Property Crimes (thefts, burglaries, Criminal Mischief), Fraud, Auto Theft, Drug, Mortgage Fraud, etc.  Many agencies start their new investigators in property crimes, where you will develop your investigative skills, attend training classes, etc.  It's important to remember that if you are starting out in the patrol division, you are really the first investigator at the scene.  Actions you take, observations you make can be critical.  Best Regards.