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Investigator at Dallas County District Attorney's Office
Protective Service Occupations
Dallas, Texas
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Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Feb 07 216 views

I am an 8th grader and already stressing about what I want to be, I wanted to be a homicide detective but I saw that I would have to be a police officer and now I'm not so sure, can you help?

I want to be a homicide detective but now I'm just confused and stressed, please help me out.

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Jan 09 352 views

what do you do as a patrol officer?

what do you do as a patrol officer?

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Oct 08, 2023 174 views

How do you proceed a case if the victims won’t give you any evidence or information?

How do you get your client to share the information you need to win the case

Kaedin’s Avatar
Kaedin Oct 04, 2023 192 views

How can you join the police department and do you have to be a state resident to join the police department

Why does the police officers say 10-4 and other police code talk and why do you have to switch the signrens while going through a intersection and what age can you retire and or you can keep working

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Oct 03, 2023 230 views

What is the best and worst part of being a police officer ?

I’m a middle school student who is interested in being a police officer. However, I was wondering if a police officer is the career for me. what are the best and worst parts of being a police officer. What did it take to become a police officer. What was the biggest challenge of becoming a...

Kyler’s Avatar
Kyler Sep 19, 2023 251 views

When conducting a traffic stop what steps should I do to make sure I and the driver or vice versa, to make sure everyone is safe and in no fear of danger?

I am in chipleys criminal justice 2 program and I am having trouble understanding this process.

serine’s Avatar
serine Aug 22, 2023 909 views

after i’m a police officer how do i become a homicide detective?

i’m so confused do i go to school while i’m an officer or what? plus what’s the college degree do i need

Connor’s Avatar
Connor May 15, 2023 273 views

Is law enforcement worth it?

Im in 9th grade and trying to decide what specialty program to take is working in law enforcement fun and exciting? Is it a dynamic environment that feels rewarding?

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn May 01, 2023 489 views

Is it hard to become an investigator/detective without previously being a cop? And what majors would be beneficial for pursuing this career?

I know that a lot of investigators are or were police and worked to rank up to that position. I want to go into his field without joining the police. As for majors, I know criminal justice and law are good starts but what about psychology? Other than this career, I would love to go into...

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Mar 28, 2023 504 views

How dangerous is becoming a police officer in 2023?

Is becoming a police officer in 2023 have a high risk of being shot or even killed?

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Dec 13, 2022 607 views

Police Officer?

What type of person makes a good police officer?

What are the main responsibilities of a police officer?

What skills should a police officer have?

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Nov 17, 2022 319 views

Police what will i do in it?

what will i do in law enforcement or who will i work with as a police?

Zoria’s Avatar
Zoria Nov 03, 2022 550 views

how long do you have to go to school to be a detective?

i want to be a detective but a lot of people say after you go to school you have to become a police first then you can come a detective is that true?

Chassity’s Avatar
Chassity Jun 21, 2022 445 views

How long should you being involved in the law enforcement before trying to promote to a K9 Officer or Criminal Investigator?

As a college student, I'm now working harder to get involved with the police department. Within the past few years, two of my options/passions were to become a K9 Officer or Criminal Investigator. However, I'm not sure how long something like that would take. What is an estimate?

Kaelan’s Avatar
Kaelan Jun 10, 2022 470 views

What are some important things I need to know to becoming a Police Officer?

What do I need to know about becoming a police and what are some steps to becoming a Police Officer?