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New York, New York
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I want to understand more about what being a K9 police officer is and how to successfully do good at the job.



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Chassity Jun 21, 2022 550 views

How long should you being involved in the law enforcement before trying to promote to a K9 Officer or Criminal Investigator?

As a college student, I'm now working harder to get involved with the police department. Within the past few years, two of my options/passions were to become a K9 Officer or Criminal Investigator. However, I'm not sure how long something like that would take. What is an estimate?

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Chassity Jun 24, 2021 590 views

What are some more specific fields that I can do becoming a K9 police officer?

I am a hard-working dedicated student that enjoys the world of Criminal Justice. I always loved learning about crime and how I can use my critical thinking to help solve different crimes. I enjoy learning about detective work alongside pursuing a career related to becoming a K9 police officer....