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What is the best majors to take in college if you are undecided?

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Paul’s Answer

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Hi Charlene


Selecting a major can be hard, especially if you have many interests. It is a daunting challenge, and one of those life decisions that people consider as one of the most important in their lives, and one which many feel is important for their futures. Choosing the right major will require a great amount of self-reflection and analysis to determine which one fits your personal interests, academic strengths and skills.   


Let’s review some of the majors, which are considered to be good for those students who are undecided. There is a collection of them in just about every field of study, including the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.


Business: This social science major has a great amount to offer. It can focus on anything from finance to economics, to marketing and corporate law. It also studies the organizational management and administration of the private and public sectors and contains a diversity of learning subjects for students.


Biology: This natural science emphasizes a number of different subjects. Everything from the environment, to plants, animals and ecosystems. Labs and research can be very interesting, and can be a stepping stone into careers in medicine or environmental science and academics.


Chemistry: This natural science places can lead to many options as far as future careers. With advanced degrees it can lead to opportunities in Engineering, medicine and business. Many consider this to be a general science degree.


Computer Science: This major seems to be one of the most in demand in our modern world. Our society is currently very technology driven, and the need for computer designers, software security personnel and information professionals is very highly emphasized right now.


Economics: This is a social science major which studies public policy, law, finance, political economy, commerce, finance and a variety of other subjects. There is also research and study opportunities in the areas of math, history and philosophy. So there is a diversity of subjects examined in this major.


Engineering: There are many different specialties in the field of engineering. This includes everything from electrical, chemical, civil and structural. A general degree in this subject could open a lot of opportunities. I knew one individual who focused on civil engineering, but was able to transfer into electrical really well. So this field can open many doors within the industry, especially with advanced education.


Health Science: There can be many options within the health sciences. It can open doors in clinics, hospitals and administration. Some universities have degrees in health care leadership and organizational leadership. Opportunities can open in the insurance industry or health care policy development.


English: This is a major in the Humanities. People who write well seem to becoming a rare commodity in our society.  An English major could open doors in academics, instructional design and technology or even employment in web design.


Psychology: This is a very flexible social science degree. You can pursue education and research in everything from medicine, business, government research, social work, counseling and mental health and therapy.


Communications: This area can be used in business, marketing, public affairs, internet design and human resource management.


As you can see many of these degrees have a general emphasis, which can be utilized as a stepping stone into other opportunities or advanced education. I would research your possible options and determine which one best fits your interests and skills. I would also see an academic advisor to design an academic path to help you reach your goals. If your institution has a career center, I would visit a career counselor to see what opportunities exist within your areas of interest and within your established career goals.  








Paul recommends the following next steps:

Review the various major and determine which ones best fit your interests and skills.
See an academic advisor to design an academic program which will assist you in determining which major you should choose.
Visit the career center and see what opportunities exist for your career interests and which majors are associated with that career.

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Felicia’s Answer

I was undecided for a long time I chose a major that If I could go back and change I would, so It is a big decision that I rushed in to. I wish someone could have told me to start with a liberal arts major, The reason is because for the first two years you will take all the pre-requisites required to enter in to any degree program you like and it gives you extra time to decide what interests you, so you wont be so rushed and chose something you would regret later. After the two years and seeing what everyone around me was into gave me a much better idea on what I wanted to take. So don't rush take your time ask questions, ask friends what interest them after some time you'll have a better idea and direction to go in.

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Justin’s Answer

If you are undecided it is best to use your first year of college to explore different career interests by leveraging the classes you take. This will give you a better understanding of the field and allow you to connect with the people in the field. A career is long term so it is very important to find something you are passionate about. Best of Luck!

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Mckenzie’s Answer


Going to college and being undecided is very normal. While you are trying to figure out what you want to major in the best things to do is get all core classes out of the way. Like English, Math, History etc. Normally the first two years of college are just basic core classes anyway. If possible you could get with the career specialist in you school and maybe discuss some of your passions with them and get there advice on which way to go. Don't let not knowing what you want to do be a determining factor of you going to college. I hope this answers your question and I wish you the best!

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Melissa’s Answer

Generally, students take liberal arts classes during the first couple of years so you have some time to think about what your major will be. Tech / science careers will be really hot in the future if you’re still not sure when you need to decide.

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Simeon’s Answer

If you are not sure which major to settle on, I'd say that the business degrees are pretty safe. You can end up in a number of different industries with a business related degree, so you could look for companies that align with your preferences.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Charlene,

The short answer is Liberal Arts. It can be the foundation of many career choices. It also often gives you a broad enough perspective on many subjects, that you can actually find what you want to do with your life while taking these classes. Even if you start with this major, you can always change your major as your interest gets more focused.

Read the following article: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/what-you-can-do-with-a-liberal-arts-degree

Good luck with finding your major.