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Can I go talk to a army recruiter at 14 years old.

Asked Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I have a ton of questions to ask about the army to a recruiter. I want to talk to someone about it before high school before I really make it my goal. I want to have a plan before going into a journey that half way through the starting process decide it’s not for me. I really want to talk to a recruiter but is 8th grade and 14 years old to young? Will they give me a chance? #military #future #onestepahead #army #recruiter #armyrecruiter

2 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

You are wise to think ahead. I don't know if they will talk to you unless you bring a parent with you. You are young, but since you are thinking about this, I want to remind you that recruiters are sales people. They are trained to tell you what you want to hear, to a degree. As an example, when my brother enlisted in the Navy, his test scores were one or two points too low to get into computers. They told him, "don't worry about that, they will waive it when you get to Florida." So he went in under some general category -with no promised position at all. He spent two years scraping paint and stuff like that. So, you need to be careful. Even if you have a promised position, things can change,

All of that being said, the military gives you a great chance for top notch training, along with formal education, plus travel. It instills a sense of leadership that is lacking in many young people. Unless you make it a career, it's only for a few years.

I recommend you call the recruiter and see what their policy is about talking to people your age. You never know unless you try!


Jacob’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi, Ava,

While it is good that you are so enthusiastic gathering information, I'd recommend waiting a couple of years before you actually talk to a recruiter. Do some more research on your own - talk to people who have actually served (like me) and, if you are still interested after a couple of years of doing fact finding, then consider talking to a recruiter. Again, you don't need all of the answers now. Take a step back and keep an open mind.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.