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What is it like to major in Pre-Law at U of M (University of Michigan)?

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3 answers

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Diane’s Answer

Hi. I did my undergrad studies at UofM, went to law school, and I have been a lawyer for 22 years. There is no "pre-law" major at UofM. I majored in Political Science, but I could have majored in just about anything I wanted to at UofM and still had an equally good chance of getting into a good law school and ultimately being a successful lawyer.

UofM is an excellent university. No matter what subject you major in and what degree you get, having a degree from UofM will prepare you for law school. Getting a degree from UofM is challenging. You will have to work hard to accomplish it, no matter what the subject is. It's the hard work and determination that prepare you for law school, not the subjects that you study in undergrad.

So my advice is to major in a subject that you are truly interested in, work hard, and do your best to get the best grades that you can. That accomplishment in itself will take you wherever you want to go in the future - whether that's law school or something else. Good luck!
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Robert’s Answer

First, sorry I can't answer better, but I saw your question was unanswered for a week. So I'm doing the best I can for you. Michigan is a big place....

While the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts has no pre-law major, this is consistent with advice from law school deans and the American Bar Association. We encourage you to pursue a challenging curriculum that fosters critical thinking, logical reasoning, and effective writing. Your academic efforts should be enriched by co-curricular activities that promote awareness of social issues, develop your leadership skills, and challenge you to creatively and collaboratively solve problems. We look forward to working with you as you pursue your goal of attending law school.

To schedule a pre-law advising appointment, call 734.764.0332

I'd recommend considering a major that you are interested in studying instead of Pre-Law unless you double major. You didn't ask but lawyers aren't as rich and happy as on TV. You should check happiest and unhappiest jobs in America before you get committed or have student loans, an ex-spouse, and children depending on you.

Robert recommends the following next steps:
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Jenna’s Answer

Agree with Diane's answer! My peers who I attended the University of Michigan with who are now in law school had majors like public policy, economics, political science, international studies, etc. You should take your first year to explore classes in various subjects and choose the area that sparks your interest most to major in. Good luck and go blue!