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why should i become a engineer

Asked Quincy, Illinois

2 answers

Yeskendir (Alex)’s Answer

I am not an engineer and have pursued a business degree in college. However, looking at today's world becoming an engineer is an exciting path to take. For example, if not for the engineers, SpaceX would not have been able to build a reusable rocket that is a major breakthrough in the space field. The reusability feature of these rockets directly impacts whether or not we will explore space further and look for a new home to increase the chances of humanity surviving. I just think this one example shows how big and important the problems that engineers are trying to solve, and how appealing it can be to work in a team to solve a problem like that.

Sophia’s Answer


Most engineers make good money and also travel around the world. They can also be helpful for the environment. Engineers are very useful and have good purposes.

There are also many different types of engineers.

Sophia recommends the following next steps:

  • Find out what you need to do to be an engineer.
  • Look at what types of engineers there are.