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Kailynn S. Apr 18, 2018 287 views

How do you decide of the school is right for you?

I have a lot of schools that I'm choosing from some of which are HBCUs and others are PWIs. Some are bigger schools and some are smaller schools. I'm not sure where I would like to go so I applied to many schools. I don't know how to narrow down my schools to...


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Caitlyn C. Apr 18, 2018 216 views

Best way to prepare for the transition for a 2 year to a 4 year institution?

I am going to be transferring to a university this fall and am afraid I'm not going to know what to do and how to juggle my classes. The past 2 years I haven't had to study very hard and my schedules weren't difficult. #college-transfer...


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Angelina Y. Apr 18, 2018 316 views

How do I begin to network with people?

I want to have people that I can branch out with and have solid relationships to begin my own business involving digital media and film by the time I finish college. I am currently a high school senior about to graduate in a couple months. I am planning on attending the New York Institute of...

#technology #relationships #newyork #film #success #networking

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Aayushya N. Aug 16, 2018 213 views

what extracurricular activities will help when applying to universities for computer science as a major?

I already listed that I self taught myself to code but am wondering what other activities would be interesting to pursue and list as an activity #college-majors #computerscience #university #extracurricular...


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Devin L. Oct 21, 2018 188 views
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spritecranberry .. Mar 18, 2019 130 views
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Brenda G. Apr 25, 2019 246 views

How do you know what career you want to do?

ideas of career: helping environment/helping people...


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zakariya A. May 01, 2019 84 views
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Jeremiah P. May 03, 2019 129 views