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How long do i need to study for becoming a police officer?

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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David’s Answer

It looks like, that in the State of Wisconsin, you have to have sixty hours, or an associate degree within five years of employment. But since you’re in Milwaukee, I would apply for Chicago. A friend of mine went to a police academy, at a junior college, without any years of study. And he got hired right out of the academy, All that he did was ride with the local police as often as he could. That way he was prepared, going into the academy. I was an EMT, before I graduated high school. And I studied the entire paramedic curriculum, before I ever applied, for paramedic school. Here are some civilian academies in Wisconsin: Blackhawk Tech. (Janesville) Gateway Tech. (Kenosha) Lakeshore Tech. (Cleveland, WI) Milwaukee Area Tech. (Milwaukee)

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much this really does help a lot thank you again.