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what schools are really good for technology and computers #computers #college #technology

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Jason’s Answer

Updated Boxborough, Massachusetts

Hi Zenia,

I went to the Rochester Institute of Technology RIT, and they have a variety of computer and networking related programs. One thing that I found valuable was the CO-OP program, which are typically paid internships. I would highly suggest a school that has this type of program, as it lets you obtain some real world experience.

Something that may help, would be to research the various computer related jobs that are available, and see which of those appeal to you. A search for "top computer related jobs" should give you some good results, like this 10 Best Technology Jobs article. From there you can see which schools offer programs in that field.

Jason recommends the following next steps:

  • Do so research to see which computer related field interests you

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

Hi Zenia-

first it depends on what you want to do. You can do programming, computer engineering or work with customers who buy the technology by selling or post sales and setting up the customer with what they bought.

Generally 4 year universities are a good place to start when looking at the best technology schools. There’s MIT, Stanford, Harvard that are expensive and very competitive to get into. Then there’s a hidden gem like San Jose State that is in the heart os Silicon Valley that is close to Stanford and 1/2 the cost. SJSU is a great school.

Hope this helps.