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Jason Wiatr

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Boxborough, Massachusetts
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Pawan Apr 18, 2019 902 views

How to learn pytorch and fastai

Currently I do most of my projects in keras and tensorflow. But now I want to switch to pytorch as it seems to be more flexible. #engineering #computer-science # #student

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Jan 22, 2018 830 views

Which major is easier to obtain, Information Technology or Computer Science?

I am debating on whether to major in Computer Science or Information Technology, but I want to finish school in under 4 years. I want to know what both majors offer and what courses will be needed to be completed. Which is more coursework? #information-technology #technology #computer-science

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Zenia Apr 17, 2019 899 views

what schools are really good for technology and computers #computers #college #technology

idkkkkkkkkkkk #information-technology #computer #computer-engineer #computer-engineering