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How can I become a successful Lawyer?

Hi my name is Carinthia Amaralis, I am currently enrolled in job corps, I'm going to study office admin, It will help me with my business and finance skills but I know that there is more information and I want all the information I can receive to become successful like all of you, please and thank you! #law #lawyer #attorney

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer


I suggest you first define what "successful" means, to YOU. I say this because I have watched people who keep wanting more and more and more, never stopping to live in the moment and realizing that by most people's standards, they are in fact, "successful."

To me, success means I am happy, able to pay my bills, put some away for savings, handle unexpected expenses that might come up, take an occasional vacation, etc. It has nothing to do with having the newest car or a house that is bigger and better than so and so's, although it would be nice to have a pool, and a yard guy, and a housekeeper. So, on a personal level, you need to decide what you want out of life.

Professionally, what does it mean to be a "successful" lawyer? If you are in private practice, you will need to have enough clients to support the business, and have them spreading your name around to their friends. Since most cases settle out of court, it means your clients must be happy with the work you did on the way to that settlement. Or in preparing their will, or handling their divorce, etc. Some lawyers work for businesses, some work for big law firms, some do criminal law - either defense or prosecution.

I used to do some work for a lawyer who handled Civil Rights cases. He was very knowledgeable, and worked extremely hard. However, because of how the courts are in Texas, he rarely won. Yet, he is highly sought after to do presentations at lawyer conventions. So, it's not necessarily about winning either.

I realize I created more questions than I answered. I challenge you to work on your definition of success. Then write it down, tuck it away somewhere, and as you progress on this journey of life, take it out and read it about every five years or so!

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Richard’s Answer

To become successful in any field requires specializing in one area. Like medicine, there are so many areas of law that it is best to focus on one. Take all the Continuing Legal Education you can in that field, find a mentor in the area, join associations in that field so you receive literature devoted to that area, and keep abreast of current developments.

To have this much commitment to an area to become successful requires actually enjoying what you do! I recommend becoming an intern or volunteer at various places in your community where you can learn about a field to learn what you might enjoy doing.

Success isn't just being an attorney, doctor, etc. Success is being competent and doing the best you can for your clients. It starts with being your best YOU.

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Blake Ashley’s Answer

Hi Carinthia,

To be a successful lawyer, you should study hard in college and law school to get good grades. Also, take advantage of internships for experience. Find a part of the law that you are passionate about and learn as much as you possibly can. That would make you a successful lawyer.