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What is needed to study in order to be a paramedic?

What course did you have to take when becoming a paramedic? What school did you go to? Did the school prepare you well? #college-major #major #paramedic #medical-school

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Basic EMT. And try to use it, for a year before you go to paramedic school. I worked in the ER, and drove the paramedic unit. I went to the University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas. Yes, it prepared me well. Paramedic school didn’t prepare me to be a paramedic, like the basic school and the work experience did. It takes a good EMT, in order to be a good paramedic. Thats what I’m trying to say. Everyone wants to be cool carrying in the EKG Monitor and the drug box. But it’s the basic box and the oxygen tank, that saves most lives. Basic EMT tools. Once you become a paramedic, don’t forget, that in life threatening trauma patients, your foot and the gas pedal, are your two best friends. It took me a while to figure this out. I’ll take an EMT, as my helper, in trauma over a paramedic, any day. The best doctors that I know, were EMTs first. Get the basic EMT book and read it, before you even apply to EMT school. There seems to be several schools, near Redwood City. If you can message me, I will tell you what both schools were like.

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Misty’s Answer

Hi Emely. Great question.

In order to be a medic, there are quite a few different things you are going to need. There are some first aid, basic first responder training, as well as some medical classes that you are going to need just to be a basic medic. These will provide you with the skills for basic ambulation of an injured patient, basic medical skills and training to react in a timely manner in a stressful environment.