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Tell me about careers that involve travel

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Karen’s Answer

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I had a wonderful career which allowed me to travel many places around the world. I was an event planner in the travel division of an incentive/marketing company. My first position involved planning details of group trips such as confirming hotel rooms, meals, activities, guest lists, etc. I travelled with the group or sometimes in advance to assist with details. Most group programs involved several staff.

I'd recommend exploring event planning positions where events are held in various places.

With every good wish!

Barry’s Answer

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Hi Vanshika -

There is a certain irony about answering this question from an office location about 1,000 miles from my home. I work in Financial Services Advisory for a large firm and I am almost always on the road. Your question however, leads down different roads. You can have to travel for the work you do, or you can make travel be the work you do. I find that either way if you are passionate about something you can do and should do it. If the idea of travel is exciting to you and you can take the risk, there are many people who have made careers out of traveling and telling their stories. That being said, this is a big risk financially and you need to be prepared for that. Working at any large firm (like myself) can lead to traveling based on client needs; however, be prepared that the destinations may not always be as glamorous as you may want.

I hope this helps!

Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Vanshika

There are many careers that involve travel. The question is, do you want a job that includes travel? Business travel does appeal to many people but not everyone likes it. You have to be able to deal with delayed flights, sitting in the middle seat on a plane for hours, or the dreaded red eye flight. I have been in software sales for over 15 years and early on in my career I traveled 4 days a week every week to meet with customers and prospects. It was very exciting at the time when I was single or had no children. I got to see almost every state in the US and I met lots of exciting people. Once you home life changes it may become more difficult to travel all the time. That is why many companies reply on video meetings so you can conduct meetings in your own home. If you do not mind traveling or can you tolerate traveling somewhat then look into a career in sales. Best of luck to you!

Ashley’s Answer

Hi Vanishka,

There are several different careers that could involve traveling, and in my experience the biggest travelers I know are sales associates, marketing/event planners, and journalists. I worked in Public Relations, which involved escorting journalists to various locations around the world (and locally in the US) and made sure they had a fun, informative trip on behalf of my international clients. My friends in sales also travel wherever their clients are based several times a month.

Look for companies that have a global footprint with several different offices, and keep in mind usually job descriptions will be very clear about the fact it will involve 25% or 50% amount of travel, for example.

Misty’s Answer

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Hi. This would be a great question. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few different jobs that would allow you to travel. There is the travelling nurse, there is journalism, there is political positions that would allow travel, there are non profits that work in other countries such as Doctors Without Borders where they get to travel to different places. Journalism and Photography would be a way to travel as well if you were to get on with a major title. Also there are some construction jobs that allow for the employees as well. There is also flight attendant that would allow for travel . I hope this helps at least give you a few ideas.

Rachael’s Answer

Hi Vanshika,

I think you could pursue any career with a global company and could have it involve travel. Many global firms offer tours for their employees which can be in any of their offices. Many positions client-facing or in consulting can have up to 80% travel to clients and customers.