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I am an online student and I will be soon entering my senior year of college, it’s been extremely hard to find internships and mentors. I really want to gain as much knowledge and insight as I can be but as of now I am I am lost. What should I do?

Updated Trenton, New Jersey

5 answers

Rachael’s Answer

Hi Erin,

Congratulations on entering your final year! I would suggest leveraging your network, especially your professors. Perhaps no one in your immediate network is in the profession but they may have a connection to a professional in the field. I am not in the field but is there possibly a group for it? For example, in the accounting profession we have the Massachusetts Society for CPAs which hosts events for CPAs in the area to connect and network. Something like that would be a great opportunity for you to connect with a mentor and perhaps learn of internship opportunities. Additionally, does your school have some sort of career center or alumni relations? These can be great assets in determining internship opportunities. If your school does not possess such resources do they partner with a school that does? I would try to explore those avenues the most because they should help place you in addition to assisting you in obtaining your degree.

Best of luck.

Sableen’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington

Your situation and struggle is understandable. I was once in the same position. Even though I was unable to get an internship, I would like to suggest you with some valuable information that will hopefully help you to reach your goal. Make sure to consider options ahead of time because you'll not only have to consider your options regarding career positions but additionally anticipate about your university's requirements. There'll be numerous options for you out there however, not every option will be relevant to your requirements set by university. Furthermore, set your mind with list of options you're desiring to intern. Please, I do recommend some personal research prior to further exploration because it'll help you comprehend the pros and cons of your current state of mind. That way your mind is organized and is aware of what to look for. Surplus, contact your nearby companies that offer internships for exploration and see if it resonates with you and your university's requirements. I hope you find this helpful.

Sableen recommends the following next steps:

  • Avoid confusion and refresh your mind
  • List your internship options
  • University's requirements
  • University's requirements associating with career options
  • Personal research (online > Indeed/Local Universities/Organizations/etc) and/or phone local companies for further inquiry
Thank you so much. Especially for the list I am going to put great use to that. Thank you for your kindness!

G. Mark’s Answer


You are in the age of the internet, my friend. Compile a list of companies doing work in areas you're interested in and send them a summary of your goals and qualifications. Don't forget to mention what each company is doing that you find particularly interesting. Go for it!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate it.

Jacqueline’s Answer

Updated Verona, New Jersey

I see that you're based in NJ, I am also an online college student in the NJ area. Based on your location, I recommend reaching out to organizations in the Philly area. Your school may have partnerships if you contact their career help desk. Also, using resources like LinkedIn can be helpful in finding open internship opportunities.

For mentorships or connections, also leverage apps like MeetUp to find networking or mentoring events in your area (again I recommend expanding your search to include Philly if you don't mind the drive). Finally, if you're on social media, you can find groups related to your field of interest and start to make profession connections with people that may not be local but will be supportive of your particular field.

Thank you, I have linkedin but I never heard of MeetUp. I am going to check it out, thank you so much!

Don’s Answer

Updated Irvington, New York

If you cannot find any postings online for internships in your field, you might try reaching out to working professionals . For example, for an internship in psychology, contact a hospital or a working psychologist or psychiatrist and see if he or she would be willing to assist you. That person may be able to guide you to an internship she or he knows about or be willing to serve as a mentor for you.

Yes! I have been doing those things no luck yet but I’m going to keep trying, I have not contacted a hospital yet which I am going to do so thank you for your time. I appreciate it!