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Can you recommend any courses to take before proceeding with my job search

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

I think that taking the Air Force Officer Candidate School practice tests will give you an idea of certain skills/knowledge you need to have. There are several sites. Here is one.


If you are looking to take some courses, see what is available for free through MOOCs. Just Google that term, and lots of free classes are there. If you want a certificate, they will charge for that.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Jonathan,
I believe all those that you have mentioned in hashtags are your interests. If aircrafts are the most exciting thing to you, you can try to be a aircraft pilot or even join an aeronautical engineering programme. Computer software is quite vast - you could pick any programming languages, or take up a course in cloud-computing, machine learning, UX etc.

Jenfer AJ

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Gowthami’s Answer

Since I am working as a Network Security Engineer, I would recommend you to go for CCIE Security.