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If you could go back in time and start all over again, would you change anything in your career path? Would you do anything differently?

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I am a senior student at Brennan High School. I’m looking into the dermatology field because I struggled with acne and i would like to help people feel confident in their own skin. #college #student #career #dermatologist #medicine #doctor #healthcare #skin

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Rana’s Answer


Hi Andrea,

I am happy that someone did have this question in mind. :)

So I will start with the time when I graduated from college, I had an offer in hand from a big firm. I was really happy what I learnt in college, as it did paid me well in interviews. I joined the firm where I was working as a software Engineer, however things didn't well went, and I had to quit do to my health condition. I worked there for around a year and half, however could not learn enough that could benefit me in my coming life. Did my masters then in DSP, which was a different track from computer networking or what you call the common software world. After that again I was selected for a software company, which I feel was good for my career, however I could not relate to either what I learnt in my Bachelors or masters.

Hence as per my past, the thing that I would do change is the stream in which I did my graduation, and most probably choose the computer software domain, so that it will do help me in the real software world.