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To Mechanical Engineers in the Robotics Field: Who are the most important people in the industry today?

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

I think there are many many areas so many people would be the key players in any one.. but the common answer is the same in generic terms:

The visionaries.

If your looking for a role model team or innovator to look up to, here are some very good candidates
"50 Game-Changing Innovations in Robotics, Home Technology and Medicine "

I think the common factor is,,,,As industry gives us tools and intelligence, the people who can see and influence how it serves humanity are the rock-stars in robotics ( or anything else engineering related )

One of a million examples is the car technology that steers you back in your lane or stops for you when someone gets in your path. That took an innovative team to dare even suggesting that a car be controlled by a robot when its critical.

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Erin’s Answer

In my mind, the most important people in the robotics field are those with imagination, looking to push the boundaries of convention, and not be deterred by failure, but see it as another chance to learn. People who thirst for knowledge, share their experience, and have the ability to work with others who are different from themselves. People who have the vision to see strength in diversity. People who are innovative and honest. Those are the type of people that I believe are the most important people in the robotics industry.